E3 Gives

My wife, Jenn, and I are proof that God never stops pursuing His children. We have both made plenty of mistakes. We’re Imperfect. Yet, incredibly blessed. It just took us a few years to figure out that our plans aren’t always Gods. Because of that, Jenn and I are determined to do two things: love God; and love others…which is why we established the E3 Foundation in 2017.

Whether it be in the fight against sex-trafficking or serving those who have served us–our Combat Veterans, our mission is to serve others and fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. In the two years since we began working towards that goal, we have seen lives changed and God honored.

Our mission is to continue His work and, like Him, never stop pursuing those in need. When our days of serving are over, we hope to hear God say: “Well done, you’ve finished the race. Welcome home."

- Adam LaRoche