Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan and Ukraine

E3 Ranch Foundation is experienced in crisis response. Our hearts have been heavy for the international humanitarian lives who are currently most at risk in Afghanistan and Ukraine.

While we recognize the continued urgency to act, we are focused on working within the proper channels to ensure effective and lasting change. E3 Ranch Foundation is working with trusted partners who have years of experience and long term relationships in and around both Afghanistan and Ukraine.

This has been a coalition of the willing, linking arms to serve our Afghan allies and the 6+ million Ukraine refugees and displaced Ukrainians in country. We are humbled and thankful to play a significant role in the locating, vetting, sustaining and extracting of many. It continues to be a multi-front effort between civilians, former military and various groups, to simply do the right thing.

E3 Ranch Foundation is currently providing assistance to approximately 230 Afghan individuals that we are providing ongoing humanitarian assistance too, in addition to 1,000 of others through our partners.

E3 Ranch Foundation mobilized to respond to the Ukraine humanitarian need in collaboration with partner organizations. To date, E3 Ranch Foundation is assisting with the coordination of American surgeons, nurses, and doctors traveling into Ukraine to serve alongside Ukrainian medical professionals. In addition, E3 Ranch Foundation is collaborating with orphanages, hospitals, and church networks in Ukraine to provide rapid response to needs such as: access to safe drinking water, safe transportation, access to food, medical and other supplies, plus skilled evacuation of disabled or injured civilians.

For more details about the crisis response in Afghanistan and Ukraine please email