With summer days here, it makes me ponder what makes it feel like summer.

Is it the long days? The heat that is hard to escape? Seeing all the pools open? The farmers’ market on the square? The watermelons in the store? Digging into a baseball top sirloin? Searching for where to buy beef ribs?

Dino Ribs to Hot Dogs

There are so many things that just scream summer without even saying a word. But one of the main things that I associate with summer is the grill. Nothing fancy, just a plain backyard grill. The one that comes to my mind specifically is a black Weber charcoal grill. I have not seen or used one in years. Yet, I can distinctly remember my dad firing up that thing and grilling our dinner—everything from beef ribs, baseball steak (baseball top sirloin), dino ribs and burgers to hot dogs.

At one point, we offered to buy him something newer and fancier, especially since that old thing was falling apart. He would always tell us no and proceed to make his old faithful Weber do the job. If by chance we were not using the Weber that evening, we would shift to the chimenea.

Hopefully, I am not the only one who knows what that is. That thing was the best. We would roast hot dogs, marshmallows, and even light some fireworks with it. There were so many good memories made in the summer and most of them included cooking something from our local meat company on the grill.

Yay for the Meat Company

That got me thinking. Why is the grill such a crucial factor during the summertime? Is it because people only like to grill when it is nice out? Is it because it is easier to grill racks of beef ribs for large groups of people? Is it because using the oven inside is too darn hot in the summertime?

I have not been able to come up with a definite answer. Either way, I am perfectly fine with grilling out this time of year. No complaints here. Another important component to grilling is the likeliness that whenever you grill, you are likely grilling for and with others. You are opening your home and backyard to guests and spending time together with good food and even better company. This is what life is about. Spending time in the community with others, and a big bonus is getting to do so outside around the grill.

Go Ahead, Send Out the Invites

All of this to say, spend this summer with friends and family. Open your house, start up your grill, and get ready for a good time. There will be memories made that you will likely remember forever. No, you don’t need to be a professional. Find a simple recipe tutorial or check out our online beef recipes. Buy quality beef ribs, burger or top sirloin from our online store, have your friends bring a side, and enjoy your time together. If you do find yourself looking for some grilling support, stop by E3 Ranch & Co. in Fort Scott, Kansas. Our grill master, Rancher Jake, will happily hook you up with some tips and tricks. Not to mention, we also have a wide range of beef and seasoning selections in store.

If you are not local, likely there are other shops in your neighborhood that would be more than happy to help. The bottom line here is this: make it your goal to grill out this summer. You will not regret it. And, finding beef ribs on sale doesn’t hurt either.