E3 Ranch & Co.

Under an American flag weathered by the windy Osage Plains of Kansas, the E3 Ranch stays true to our six-generation commitment. Founded by the Rager Family in the early 1900s, our family ranch hasn't changed hands...currently under the care of Jennifer (fifth-generation) and Adam LaRoche, along with their children, Drake and Montana (sixth-generation). 



We responsibly raise all-natural Angus beef that faithfully results in the best tasting, highest quality protein in the USA. The immeasurable pride we take in our craft is equaled only by our heart for serving our fellow man through the E3 Foundation.

We are a family owned operation founded on the immutable truth of scripture. Both land and animal are managed with fully sustainable practices that ensure we are being good stewards. E3 won’t embrace shortcuts under the guise of modernization; we hold fast to our "true north" (humanely treated, grass-fed and grain-finished angus, never subjected to antibiotics, steroids, or added hormones). Our purposeful process respects the animal and is a gift to those who raise their fork with exceedingly high standards.

The E3 Ranch in Fort Scott, Kansas, is the blueprint for all E3 Certified Ranches.  If you would like to learn more about this click here.

Whether at our Ranch or in our Restaurants, our mission is to live our lives "Humbly Serving Others." Ten percent of all profits go to the E3 Foundation.  To learn more click here.